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Video: Commercial Closed Circuit Television (CCTV), Video Surveillance & Monitoring.

The latest security technologies in quality digital video and CCTV. Our systems are applicable to every type of business including Manufacturing, Banks, Convenience Stores, Retail, Health, Pharmaceutical, Institutional, and Governmental.


Mango Security’s Closed Circuit Monitoring and Video Surveillance are an important part of your overall internal and external security plan as they go hand-in-hand with alarm detection systems. We’re here to will help you decide how you might benefit from CCTV Monitoring, Video Surveillance and Digital Video Recording equipment, and to determine what types of systems will work best for you in key locations.

For commercial operations, we believe that CCTV Cameras and Digital Video Surveillance are the best security investments a business can make. The systems can detect crimes, monitor workers and facilities, and provide a video or digital record of everything that happens—from a slip and fall, to a theft or robbery.

Our digital video solutions can display, search, and playback video simultaneously across multiple DVR systems, and allow for the monitoring of various locations within your business to help you better manage your facility.

Whether your needs are basic video surveillance, monitoring, or state-of-the-art CCTV detection systems, Mango Security is your comprehensive source. We can setup exterior or interior systems that operate in daylight, low light or no light. We will manage the permitting, work with your building engineers and electricians, and be there for your final approvals through new installs, retrofitting or upgrading.

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