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Residential Detection Systems

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Intrusion, Fire & Environmental Detection

Detection - For over three decades, Mango Security Systems, Inc. has been designing and installing technically advanced, easy-to-use and reliable electronic fire detection, security, and life safety detection systems that help homeowners needs and requirements. Mango Security's Fire detection systems are on the job 24 / 7 and we use the latest detection and reporting technology including:

residential detection systems
  • Fire Detection & Life Safety Systems
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Gas Detection
  • Flammable Gas
  • Carbon Monoxide
  • Low Temperature
  • High Water
  • Monitoring Emergency Systems - A wide variety including generator, heater, sewer pump, high water and other environmental conditions.

Intrusion - There may be other things in your home you may want to monitor such as fire and intrusion. What if the hose to your ice maker brakes, a circuit pump fails, your heat system fails or runs out of oil? We can monitor anything that offers an output, even the wine temperature in your wine cellar.

Mango Security’s Residential Detection Systems keep you alerted, informed, and aware whether you are home alone, away from home, or wondering about the status of your second-home vacation retreat. Our systems are individually designed to meet the customers needs.


Mango Security’s High Tech - Low Maintenance Residential Alarm, Monitoring and Detection Systems cover a
wide range of applications:

Detection for Smoke, heat, Carbon Monoxide and Natural or LP Gas and Septic pump failure High water alarms for your basement
High and Low temperature monitoring for Wine Cellars, Pools, and Spas.


    • Life Safety and Alarm System Monitoring
    • Monitored smoke detectors that immediately alert you and your family to the presence of smoke while simultaneously sending a signal to our monitoring center so that fire department personnel can be dispatched to your premise.
    • Synchronized sounders, alarms and alerts.
    • Smoke alert detectors that will even notify you when they are dirty in order to avoid false alarms!
    • Heat detectors and carbon monoxide sensors.


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